Popular Music at William Paterson University

Viewing the world of Popular Music through the study of Songwriting,  Industry Studies, and Social Media


The Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music is an innovative and exciting course of study that combines a traditional music education with cutting edge coursework in:

  • Entertainment Industry Studies
  • Songwriting
  • Social Media
  • Entrepreneurship
  • And more...

A quick look at the curriculum reveals the flexibility of the Bachelor of Arts degree allowing you to choose courses that support your specific career goals. If your desire is to be a performer you might take courses in social media, songwriting, entrepreneurship, theatre, etc.  If you are interested in the business side you can make yourself more marketable by taking web design, business writing, and personal management courses. Students are prepared for entry into the music industry as well as personal career development.


The Popular Music program serves to study contemporary popular music through the lens of social media and through the study of songwriting. Social media has become the conduit through which music is marketed, discussed and disseminated. This is true for the large music and entertainment industry conglomerates as well as for independent artists. Thus an examination of popular music now requires a study of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogging and the like. To more completely grasp the nature of contemporary popular music an introduction to the songwriting process is offered.


Students graduating from this program might find themselves managing a social media campaign for Facebook, Twitter, etc. for a musical other business concern. They may enter the worlds of music journalism, Ethnomusicology, music licensing, public relations, legal professions or they might use the knowledge gained for advancing their own musical aspirations.


Our Popular Music Majors are musicians, artist, writers, actors, composers, songwriters, arrangers, choral directors, teachers. They are interested in the business of music, social media, performing, collaborating, journalism, writing album reviews, promotion, music licensing, learning, web design, graphic arts, music industry law, tour managing, audio engineering, and so much more.