Popular Music at William Paterson University

Viewing the world of Popular Music through the study of Songwriting,  Industry Studies, and Social Media


Univerisity Core Curriculum Requirements (42 credit hours)

Personal Well-Being

Expression - Arts and Communications





Soc. Science (2)

Scientific Perspective


Diversity and Justice

Community & Civic Engagement

Global Awareness

For. Language   2  Semesters or equivalent




Music Core Curriculum (30 Credit Hours)

MUSI 0000 Recital Hour (8 total)

MUSI 1600 Music Theory I

MUSI 1610 Music Theory II

MUSI 1800 Ear Training I

MUSI 1810 Ear Training II

MUSI 1640 Functional Class Piano I

MUSI 1650 Functional Class Piano II

MUSI 2130 Rock Music: Diversity and Justice

MUSI 3310 Western Art Music

MUSI 2781 Songwriting1

MUSI 1400 Survey of the Music and Entertainment Industry

MUSI 3161 Popular Period & Genre Study I

MUSI 3181 Popular Period & Genre Study II

MUSP 2241 Popular Music Vocal Ensemble (2 Sem.)


Elective (Choose 18 Credit Hours from an approved list

of courses)

MUSI 2400 Structure & Content of the Mus. & Ent. Ind

MUSI 2561 Music & Social Media I

MUSI 2571 Music & Social Media II

MUSI 4420 Music Management Seminar

MUSI 2782 Songwriting 2

MUSI 2508 Electronic Music 1

MUSI 2930 Understanding Jazz

MUSI 1510 Audio Recording for Musicians

MUSI 3441 Entrepreneurship For Musicians

MUSI 3500 The Art of the Music Producer

MUSI 4531 Internship in Popular Music

ARTS 2820 Introduction to Electronic Publishing

ARTS 3830 Web Design I

ARTS 2500 Introduction to Graphic Design

COMM 2390 Film as a Medium

COMM 2390 Filmmaking I

ENG 2070 Effective Business Writing

ENG 3090 Book and Magazine Writing

ENG 3300 Critical Writing

MKT 2100 Principles of Marketing

MKT 3160 Global Marketing

MKT 3320 E-Marketing

And others by advisement


Total Musicianship Credit Hours: 48 Credit Hours


MUS 4000     Music Studies Capstone Course                                  3


Free Electives: 33 Credit Hours


Total Credits Required for Graduation - 120 Credit Hours


Our Popular Music Majors are musicians, artist, writers, actors, composers, songwriters, arrangers, choral directors, teachers. They are interested in the business of music, social media, performing, collaborating, journalism, writing album reviews, promotion, music licensing, learning, web design, graphic arts, music industry law, tour managing, audio engineering, and so much more.